Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

SBC one stop solution specialise in pooches skin, coat and joint issues. All our products used are of very high quailty and natural, our groomer has more than 10years of experience in the grooming industry only using holistic approach to give the best to your furkids!

Our pooches are like our kids, they belong to our family in which regular maintainence is very important ensuring that their:
Skin and coats are always healthy!
Nails are kept short so that they do not injure or affect their walking posture as long nails causes huge discomfort and pain to your furkid even when you don't realise it! When you hear your furkids nails clicking on your flooring it's time to get them done!
Sanitary areas fur are removed to keep them from soiling on their fur everytime they get their business done, also to make sure that dirt does not get trapped within to make way for bacteria to grow causing service skin itchiness and skin problem!
Anal glands checked to make sure that it's not full, as some furkids are able to express their own anal glands and some is not able to. Anal gland issues might be part of their diet problem as well!

At SBC One Stop Solution, we have a strict ruling inwhich we strictly do not do a full shave down for your furkids! And why? We might think that the weather is hot and humid here in Singapore but our furkids coat is an insulator which protects them from the sun and also protects them from the cold as well. Without this protection layer, your furkid is at a higher risk of getting a sun burn, overheating, skin problem or dieseases. The only time where were would do a full shave down is when your furkid is matted badly, therfore if your furkid has a badly matted coat that cannot be savage we charge additional prices for a shave down instead.

Do contact us if you wish to enquire on:
- Grooming charges(housecalls/pick up & delivery)
- Spa charges(housecalls/pick up & delivery)

Do note that we do not do Ala carte items.

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