Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are arguably one of the most dirtiest fabrics you have in the house. They are your nice looking furnishings for your Interior Design, and it acts like an air filter to block out dust and grime from the environment.

And due to the nature of it, curtains accumulate much more dust and grime as you'll ever imagine. The recommended timeframe for regular cleaning is about 3-6months, depending on how heavy the traffic is at the location of your curtains placement.

Using our slow-tumble and high temperature commercial grade equipments, stains and dirt deeply embedded in the fabric pores can be effectively removed. (Stain removals are from case-to-case basis, it solely depends on the type and the duration of them on the fabric)

We provide Free Dismantling and Installation, as well as waiver of transport charges! Our prices are nett with no hidden costs.

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