About SBC One Stop Solution

SBC One Stop Solution

How Did We Came About

SBC One Stop Solution came about when 3 average people that has years of experience in these different trades decided that everyone in the modern day are always busy making a living for themselves that even small matters seems almost impossible to complete as there never enough time to spare. Bringing you quality service under one roof. So they have decided that people should not be going through the hassle of contacting different companys and arranging different timeslots for different services instead use more of their free time spending with their family and friends.

We hope that everybody would be able to enjoy great services from the comfort of their own home.

Home is a place that we seek comfort and shelter to. No matter how busy or tired we feel after a long day at work we hope that everybody could go back to their home feeling refreshed, clean and beautiful.

At SBC One Stop Solution, we are not only able to design and renovate your home into your dream house, we also provide professional cleaning services for your mattress, sofas, chairs, carpets and curtains, we also collect your laundry and drycleaning too so that you can go home to a bacteria/odour free enviroment feeling relax and comfortable. We also do pet grooming services for your pets at the comfort of your home as we feel that your pets are a part of your family and they deserve the comfort and relaxation as much as you do!

We do what we are best at to make your home a better and healtier place for you and your family!

Get the professional to do it for you!